Bird Friendly Building: A proactive green approach.

HBC Integrated is the leading consultancy providing bird friendly building design solutions for urban developments.

We work
with developers
and architects
From conceptual stages through to completion, developing and integrating systems that maintain a bird friendly building profile,such as bird habitat deterrence and bird collision reduction glass.
For any
stage of
your project
Long before ground is ever broken your building can be bird friendly by design. We also retrofit a range of bird friendly solutions on semi-complete and existing buildings.
Ensuring your buildings are bird friendly is a wise investment. As well as saving you money it also contributes to good corporate citizenship, and most importantly protects the birds.

save money on your next building project
Take the first easy step in making your buildings bird friendly.

Looking for a little more information before you start? Try some of these common questions for more information on what exactly we can do for making your current & future projects bird friendly ones.

Bird Friendly Building