ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass

We are proud to be an official North American representative of this unique and innovative bird friendly glass solution.

ORNILUX bird friendly glass supplied by HBC Integrated

The Future of Bird Safe Architecture is Clear…

Researchers estimate that up to one billion birds are killed each year in North America due to collisions with glass on buildings, making bird window strikes the second greatest threat to avian mortality next to habitat destruction. It is the reflective and transparent characteristics of glass that create a dangerous situation for birds. They see sky and landscape reflected by or on the other side of a window; the glass is not perceived as a barrier. To prevent these collisions, glass must be made visible to birds.

With the understanding that birds are able to see light in the ultraviolet spectrum, ARNOLD GLAS has developed ORNILUX Bird Protection Glass. The glass has a patterned, UV reflective coating making it visible to birds while remaining virtually transparent to the human eye.

ORNILUX: The transparent solution

ORNILUX has been tested in cooperation with American Bird Conservancy and has demonstrated to be an effective solution to mitigate bird collisions with glass on buildings, especially in areas where transparency is the top priority.

As a multi-functional glass, ORNILUX is the only clear glass solution to bird collisions, and is available as laminated glass or a double-glazed insulated unit with a low-E or solar control coating, offering energy efficiency and bird strike protection.

Visit Ornilux.com for more information, browse the below documents for more technical details, or you can simply contact us today and let us answer any questions you might have.

Featured Installations

Below is a selection of projects integrating ORNILUX Bird Friendly Glass.

Ornilux – Arnold Glas

570 Boundary Bay Road, Delta, BC

SYSTEM: Ornilux Bird Friendly Glass.
LOCATION: Windows.
HIGHLIGHTS: The new Centennial Beach cafe building sits at the water’s edge of the Bay, a key stopping point for migratory birds en route via the Pacific Flyway and a world famous birding location. Large window expanses facing the water and requiring a high level of transparency to preserve visitors’ views were glazed with 480 sqft ORNILUX insulated units.
Ornilux – Arnold Glas

5421 Robertson Road, Delta, BC

SYSTEM: Ornilux Bird Friendly Glass.
LOCATION: Windows.
HIGHLIGHTS: The Pacific Wildlife Research Centre is located on the Alaksen National Wildlife Area in Delta, BC, just south of Vancouver and next to the Fraser River. The Alaksen National Wildlife Area provides sanctuary for wintering waterfowl, including Lesser Snow Geese, and for migratory songbirds. Given its location and the role of Environment Canada, measures were taken to mitigate window collisions.

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